We promote and support research in perinatal neurology

EU-BRAIN is born with the aim of enhancing research in the field of Perinatal Neurology, an area where research has enormous potential for development.


Eu-Brain promotes and supports innovative research projects, aimed at making an important contribution to the understanding of the causes and research of the treatment of neurological problems in the perinatal field.

Each year Eu-Brain assigns awards to young neuroscientists who have distinguished themselves for their research in Prenatal and Neonatal Neurology. Since 2018, an award is granted as part of the congress Agorà SIMP (Italian Society of Perinatal Medicine) and three awards during the BraYn conference (Brainstorming Research Assembly for Young Neuroscientists).

Starting from the academic year 2021/22 we want to establish a University scholarship for researchers. Eu-Brain intends to value potential excellences, supporting talents and providing resources to conduct studies in the most promising fields of research.

Eu-Brain supports research centers by purchasing state-of-the-art machinery and research tools.

Registers are very useful for researchers and clinicians because they allow, through a systematic collection of personal data, health and clinical records, to have a better understanding of different diseases and define a standard of care.  Eu-Brain intends to promote the creation of a National Registry for hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy, which affects more than one in a thousand children every year.

The organization of events for researchers and clinicians is an important opportunity for discussion and exchange and encourages the development of collaborations between National and International research groups on new guidelines to be explored. Eu-Brain organizes meetings and events aimed at the scientific community on topics of perinatal interest, inviting representatives of the clinical centers of reference and involving Italian and foreign speakers.


Spreading the perinatal neurological culture

A better knowledge of the possible complications linked to a premature birth or of the unexpected problems that can arise with a term birth helps to manage in a more conscious and informed way the unavoidable difficulties and to lessen the negative impact on the family.

Eu-Brain provides information that everyone can access

«What is a Transfontanellar ultrasound? What does my child see? » Eu-Brain devotes commitment and resources to sharing «bits» of science with parents so that even the most complex information can be understood by «non-professionals». The blog combines scientific accuracy with an informal language to explain how the brain of children works, which problems it can encounter in the period around birth, what progress has been made in research and what is new in the field of diagnosis and treatment.

Eu-Brain organizes online educational events aimed at the general public to spread in an accessible way information related to neurological problems that may arise in the prenatal period and immediately after birth. The educational initiatives offer targeted opportunities for discussion with experts, providing for the active involvement of all participants.

Eu-Brain makes use of a pediatrician with knowledge in perinatal neurology that responds to clarification requests posed by families by providing information, outlining possible solutions and directing the family to the services and the relevant contacts.


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