The PIOMI stimulation: first experiences

It’s almost a year that the research on the PIOMI stimulation goes on, and the first sensations are encouraging and exciting! Babies, who took part at the study, accepted the stimulation without showing signs of stress or instability. They reacted very positively with increasingly strong and mature responses as the days went by and the stimulation progressed. It was exciting to note changes that affected the mouth. Mouth that showed a poor mobility or even immobility, due to the necessary prolonged use of respiratory supports and nasogastric tube, gradually, developed vivid responses to the touches and pressures provided by the PIOMI. We will analyze final results of the research, only when the established number of patients has been reached.

Even more exciting was to teach stimulation to parents. They got involved despite fears and awe! Fear that stimulations could strain their babies..fear to insert their little finger in the baby’s mouth. Finger so small but that, compared to the tiny mouth, become huge! Parents..they are fantastic! Involved, present, attentive and excited at every goal their baby reached!

In these videos they tell about their experience..


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