Ours is not an easy life but it’s certainly full of continuous joys, of unexpected goals and presence, that presence I never imagined could be

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It should have been a normal routine check-up, the last one before delivery, at 34 weeks gestation.In a normal and very hot mid-summer afternoon, when

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Andrea’s Story

Andrea was born in Genova at Gaslini Hospital in August 2016, at 25 week and 5 days of gestational age, after a troubleless pregnancy. Doctors

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Silvia M.

This is the initial story of Silvia born many years ago at Mangiagalli Hospital in Milan and suffering a very rare and severe condition. Silvia

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tommi atassia cerebellare eubrain


My name is Francesco and I am the father of Tommaso, a lively boy who is always ready to crack up. Tommi (spelt with “i”

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“Madam, can you come here for one moment?” It is the evening in the end of September and I am still in the hospital. Only

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After a perfect first pregnancy we thought that nothing can go wrong with having children. Then, there was a miscarriage. We mourned, recovered, and tried

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idrocefalo bambino


My name is Rita. I am a mother to three special twins, who were born during the 24th week of my pregnancy, way too early.

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bimbo nato prematuro cervello


My name is Laura and this is our story. In March 2009 I realised I was pregnant with my first child. I was going to

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