Ours is not an easy life but it’s certainly full of continuous joys, of unexpected goals and presence, that presence I never imagined could be possible.

That monster that is still in her head has been confined thanks to the help of wonderful people of which I unfortunately do not remember all the names. Grace was reborn on November 18th 2011 for the second time, after 16 hours in the surgery room.

I will never stop being grateful to Dr. Luca Ramenghi for his kindness and infinite helpfulness, to the nurses of the department of Neonatology…the Doctors that did the surgery of who I can’t remember the names, even though I call them ANGELS..and all the staff that took care of us during the three months of hospitalization.
Grace doesn’t walk, or at least she doesn’t with her legs but with the help of a wheel chair, she doesn’t speak (she only says few words) but is very smart !
She is attending the third year of elementary school and can write, read and she evidently knows English too !
She is a force of nature and I thank God for giving us the lucky opportunity to have met Dr. Ramenghi and his staff. YOU MUST NEVER STOP BELIEVING


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