The Functional assesment

The global functional assessment is needed just to take stock of the situation and
answers to questions: is everything allright ? Could we do something else for our
child ? Should we contact a specialist ? Should we register him for kindergarten ?
In short, it tells us what stage that particular child has achieved, considering his age,
about every area concerning the cognition and psychomotor development.
To do so, we refer to a last generation development scale: Griffiths III

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The great journey of neurons

A very interesting phenomenon of the very first cerebral development is the neuronal migration’s process. What germinative matrix is and what external granulation layer is? why an hemorrhage can happen?

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Stimulate to grow

The hospitalization in Neonatal Intensive Care could include not very adequate sensory stimuli. These
sensory experiences interact with the newborn’s would-be typical psychomotor development.
Consequences could be suffered, moreover, by the process of “connectivity”, indeed all those connections
between neurons which allow brain’s functions.
From that comes the necessity to intervene already during hospital period to give a positive sensory
stimulation, like the Kangaroo Care ( newborn is put over mother’s belly, with head on the breast, just to
help breast-feeding, sensory inputs of multiple nature and the bond between child and parent ), the
Handling ( holding the little preterm baby in hands ) the Piomi method (a series of oral and perioral
sensorimotor stimulations which aim to optimize the feeding of the newborn ); all these positive inputs also
reduce negative ones’ range and effects.
With these concepts in mind it is possible to aim to a NIC’s continuous innovation supporting newborn’s
psychomotor development in short and in long term.

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FOCUS ON: The Cerebellum

Il cervelletto, il grande controllore, che corregge i movimenti initinere e ci premette di procedere passo passo senza perdere l’equilibrio.
I principali problemi che si riscontrano quando il cervelletto è danneggiato sono l’Ipotonia cerebellare; L’asinergia cerebellare; la dismetria cerebellare; l’adiadococinesia; la discronometria e il tremore intenzionale.

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Oxidative Stress

Here below the summary of a study you can find here in its full version. Premature babies’ brain is highly vulnerable, and safeguarding it at

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