Andrea’s Story

Andrea was born in Genova at Gaslini Hospital in August 2016, at 25 week and 5 days of gestational age, after a troubleless pregnancy. Doctors told us that prognosis was unpredictable and… Read more

Silvia M.

This is the initial story of Silvia born many years ago at Mangiagalli Hospital in Milan and suffering a very rare and severe condition.

Silvia had an intracerebral bleed in the posterior fossa (where the…

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Intraventricular hemorrhage

The intraventricular hemorrhage in preterm newborns usually occurs in the germinal matrix underneath the ependyma – the membrane of the ventricle. From there the blood enters the lateral cerebral ventricles (ventricular system, which contains…

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After a perfect first pregnancy we thought that nothing can go wrong with having children. Then, there was a miscarriage. We mourned, recovered, and tried again. Everything was going well. We were getting peace…

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idrocefalo bambino


My name is Rita.

I am a mother to three special twins, who were born during the 24th week of my pregnancy, way too early.

Karol, Gioia and Matías were born on 19th March 2014 at…

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